Bed Bug Exterminator Cleveland, OH

1 Choice Pest Control is a highly sought-after Cleveland, OH pest control & bed bug extermination company. We have decades of experience and have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses with bed bug removal and other pest control. Read on to learn why we are the 1 Choice for Pest Control in and around Cleveland, OH then pick up the phone and call us for prompt help with your bed bug problems. We remove the problem, or you don’t pay – That’s Our Guarantee. Contact Us Now.

The Experience!

Have you ever experienced waking up with red swollen bites on your forearm?
Maybe you have not been bitten, but maybe the person you were sleeping with or in the same house has?
Did you try to ignore the dark red swollen bites on your arm, thinking it may be mosquitoes?
But it happened again! Could it be bed bugs, no of course not I’m a clean person. I don’t see them and I’m the only one getting bit.

What should you do?

First, pull back the sheets and slide the mattress down just enough to see all parts of the mattress and box spring. Check the bed as thoroughly as possible. If you see small bugs the size of the tip on an ink pen, you have bed bugs.
if you pinch them and you see red blood, or blood stains on the bed, you have bed bugs.
What should you do?
First, STOP, don’t panic! Don’t throw away your furniture!
Second, Isolating the problem to the least number of rooms possible, by not transporting clothing from one room to the next. If possible, bag the laundry sitting around that are not in drawers. If possible, wash clothing in warm to hot water, dry in high heat to kill active infestation.
You are going to need a professional that knows what to look for and where to look. Also, you are going to need a solution not found at the hardware store.

What can 1 Choice Pest Control do?

Bed bugs are impossible to live with, no doubt, but there is a solution.
A thorough inspection of your home is what we will do, we will track the infestation, locate issues, and treat the problem.

We will use the best environmentally friendly water-based solution on the market. I will give you workable solutions with easy-to-follow plans for removal. Most important: I back all my bedbug solutions, with a – remove the problem or you don’t pay – guarantee. Call Us Today 216-396-5360.