Bedbugs Exterminator

Bedbugs Exterminator

Bedbugs Exterminator
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No one should have to live with bed bugs. At the first sign, call 1 Choice Pest Control—your local bedbug exterminator. We take a pragmatic and proactive approach to bedbug extermination that has proven time and again to be successful. Throughout two to four treatments with commercial-grade sprays, we will completely eliminate bedbugs from your home or business.


Bedbug Inspection Service

We will schedule an appointment for an in-depth inspection. Following the subtle signs of the infestation, our trained professionals will analyze your entire home to determine the location, size, and extent of the infestation. It’s important to recognize that you might only get bites and never see an actual bedbug. Or, you might see the bedbugs but not get any bites—around 30% of people don’t react to the bites at all!

Our experienced pest control professionals know bedbugs. We will find the source and nest, and we will exterminate it.

Bedbug Treatment Service

We are usually able to complete a full bedbbug extermination in two to four treatments. In lighter infestations, we may be able to treat once and then simply do a follow-up visit to ensure that it was successful. For larger ones, we may require 4 or more treatments.

The problem is that, although our sprays will kill every living bedbug, the unhatched ones may survive the first spray. We schedule the second treatment 21 days later to ensure that every egg has hatched. By following the lifecycle of bedbugs, we can provide more efficient and effective bedbug pest control treatments than the competition.


The Responsive Bedbug Exterminator

If you think you have bedbugs, there’s no time to lose. You need to act fast to slow the spread to other households or businesses. You need to call the professionals at 1 Choice Pest Control for an inspection.

We won’t leave you waiting. We respond fast so that you can get the information you need when you need it. We actually need your help to contain the infestation. That’s right, before we even come for the inspection, we will give you a list of things to do first, including:

  • DO NOT throw away furniture—we will clean it!
  • Wash and dry all clothes, blankets, and other fabrics on high for over 20 minutes
  • Place clean and dry clothes, etc., in sealed garbage bags
  • Move all furnishings out from the walls
  • Inspect and vacuum mattress, furniture, walls, and baseboards
  • Empty all shelves, cupboards, closets, and nightstands
  • Place all items in sealed garbage bags
  • Discard vacuum bag

Following these steps will help you stop spreading the infestation to friends and neighbors. This will also reduce the chances of getting them again after the extermination is complete.

Act fast; call us now!

The Best Bedbug Treatment in the Region

We are a results-driven pest control company that has helped hundreds of local residents and business owners eradicate bedbugs from their properties. With unparalleled attention to detail and strategic planning, we are confident that we will swiftly solve your bedbug problem.

Call us now for a quote and inspection.